Releasing upon completion, but can always be revised.

Currently, the TASCOM stories are being released upon completion (which means the anthology may be on a quarterly basis instead of the planned annual).  However, I can always upload a new revision to the story or book at any time.  Novels will be released as completed as well; however, they will only be available as Ebooks until the corrections are made.


Once the corrective action(s) have been taken a new version is going to be uploaded, and upon the book being declared ready for re-release, it will be available as a full novel, hard-cover as well as paperback.  It will go to market only on a pay date that the money is available for the proof copy, as I can’t send it to market unless it is purchased.


Series Release Schedule

I have begun the first of the stories to be released as E-Books, “Stranded.”


I will not announce the stories as they come out, as they will be released bi-weekly, but I will announce the release of the annual anthologies, as they will be available as hardcover volumes.  The price of the stories individually, since they are episodes for the series will be set at $1.99 per story.  The first annual, since it’s going to have 29 stories, will run at $64.99 at release point at the end of 2013.  After that, annuals will be $52.99.  Novels will end the previous year and begin the next, so be on the lookout for these, as they will be announced as they come out.


Resurrection will be announced as it’s re-released.  This novel is currently complete, pending editing.

Stepping Back with “System of the Lost”

While the first novel is in process to be re-released as quickly as possible, the second book, “System of the Lost,” which was intended as the pilot for the story series, is being pushed back to make way for a new round of stories, as the scripts for the original series was completely wiped out.  Therefore, following the first novel, be on the lookout at Smashwords for the new series of story projects within weeks of the book’s re-release, and you will be kept apprised of the novel’s release via Lulu.

“Resurrection:” Editing Phase

ImageThanks to the aid of my brother Ryan and authoress PJ Bedingfield, I have entered the editing phase for the novel I released prematurely; and it will be re-released either by the end of the year, or early in 2013.  As you can tell from this picture, the cover was redesigned, but it’s about to undergo another design change, as I believe it’s necessary to create a more uniform cover for the entire series.  The new one will include the TASCOM shield, and inside the shield may be depictions of what could happen in the story.

As for the editing, that is a necessary step that I originally (and regretfully) decided to forgo in my over-excitement.  Although the release for the books will be done entirely on Lulu, I have not decided whether to re-release the first book as a hardcover or paperback.  I personally prefer hardcover, but I will release in both formats.

First Novel Nears Completion

My first book,TASCOM: Resurrection, is nearing the 100K word marker, which means it is nearly finished.  I will be sending it for publication hopefully by the end of July 2012 to Smashwords, an E-book publishing site.

Things have been relatively quiet in the galaxy since the Phoenix Empire was defeated in 2301 with the cloned Emperor being sent to the last use of the electric chair.  But the Empire didn’t accept defeat as easily as the Galactic Systems Alliance thought they did; they went into cryogenic hibernation until they could rise again

And now, nearly 200 years following their defeat, they rise again, but this time they’re returning with a vengeance, and all hell is breaking loose all over the galaxy as they are attempt to destroy TASCOM once and for all for destroying the Empire 200 years ago, and gain full rule of the galaxy!


Updated, 6 Aug 2012:

The book is currently under review, and the copy that was once released at has been retired, pending the release of the new revision.  Among the thank yous that have to be made at this time, I’m including P J Bedingfield, my youngest brother, Ryan, and the one that gave me advice during the production of the script form of this book, Glenn E. Smith, who remains credited as the military adviser although during the writing of the book version, I was not gaining much in that way from him due to my respect for his being extremely busy at the time.




Continuing my perspective report on the fire in Colorado Springs, it amazes me how the community is coming together to help out with those displaced by the blaze that hit over the weekend in Waldo Canyon, and worked its way into the northwest portion of Colorado Springs.  As of just before I left work on 27-June, the pre-evacuation notices were extended to the El Paso/Douglas County line in Colorado, as the fires were stretching further to the north.  Again, I am reiterating my gratitude that God has made certain that there have been no injuries or fatalities during the course of this fire since it began.  So far, neighborhoods in the foothills of the mountain range are on fire, and more is threatened by the moment on the afternoon of 27 June 2012.

With the temperatures predicted for the high 90s and low 100s for at least a week at this point, there doesn’t seem to be any relief from this at the moment.  The fire has postponed indefinitely the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, as the safety of the people that come in to participate in the race.  KKTV, the CBS station out here, has been keeping track of this fire since its starting outbreak on Saturday, 23 June. 

At this time I would like to thank the emergency teams involved in helping with the containment of the fires, and with delegation of the evacuees of the fire.  Those people have been working hard since day 1 of the fire, and their hard work is a welcome relief to the fire doing its damage.  You people ROCK, and there’s no getting around that.  Also, thanks to KKTV for constantly covering the news of the fire as it breaks.  At the moment, I have placed all work on my e-novel on standby as at the moment I’m not in any emotional state to continue with it, despite that I am a little over 90 percent complete with the book.

Right now, the fire’s threatening the Peregrine neighborhood of the city, but the pre-evacuation notices are up to the northern line of the county, as was stated earlier.  The battle against this fire is currently at the mercy of the winds in the area, which as of right now aren’t helping firefighters battling the blaze at all; and neither is the heat.  And right now, prayers for rain are sort of a double-edged sword, which will put out the fire, but will also have the side effect of flash flooding.  The fire is being fought from both ground and air, and while many homes were lost, a good number of them were also saved by the firefighters in the area.

Colorado Mountains Ablaze!

Colorado Mountains Ablaze!



Some days ago in Waldo Canyon, Colorado, a fire had begun to carve a path from that area toward the Colorado Springs area.  And with temperatures ranging between 80 and 110 degrees, the weather has not been cooperative at all in helping the people battling the fires, causing sparks to leap into other areas, causing even more damage.  The fire in Waldo Canyon alone has forced the evacuation of 11,000 people, and so far, hasn’t caused any damage to major structures or homes that I’m aware of; I’ll be tracking this on the news sites and relaying information as I get it, but this fire could threaten my position here where I’m living at right now.

It’s been turning into Hell on Earth in Colorado, with an estimated 6 fires blazing through the state, and the photo on the left of the Waldo Canyon fire is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Firefighters have estimated a containment date of 16 July, but with the heat and winds only making things worse, that may not be soon enough.  And the fire is only compounding this matter with sparks leaping to other points and beginning new fires in the area.

Western Colorado has been burning for the better portion of a week, and this blaze has already forced the evacuation of 11,000 people, all of which are most likely without a home to go to, despite firefighters’ best efforts to protect those areas.

The smoke and ash could be seen (and in some cases inhaled) as far as Ellicott, Colorado.  Things are not looking good for the suburbs northwest of Colorado Springs, and from some recent televised sources, it’s beginning to spread into some heavier fuels.  Rampart Ridge seems to be holding off the fires right now, but things can change before too long.

KKTV has been blocking out all programming to cover the blaze, as it’s becoming a threat to the city, as Mountain Shadows and Cedar Heights have already been evacuated, both neighborhoods are on the extreme west side of the city, and although Security is located on the southeast corner, that doesn’t mean that all holy hell will not break loose before 16-July.  West US Highway 24 is now closed in both directions, as no one can return to their homes until the fires are contained.

A video feed from KKTV as recently as 10:20 AM on 26 June revealed that homes in the Colorado Springs area on the extreme western edge of the city are in danger, but thankfully they have been evacuated.  I am extremely thankful for their coverage of this situation, and plan on keeping tabs on this fire with them to get more information regarding this fire.  To the dismay of some viewers, a lot of station programming has been blacked out for the past several days as this fire progressed, but they have been constantly covering this fire from the time it began.  Some people can be so damned stupid as to want their regular shows, but thank God for stations that block that stuff out when something like this comes along, keeping the people informed of the situation.

On 26-June, the fire had breached a containment line and moved into western Colorado Springs.  The Flying W Ranch, an icon in the city for nearly 60 years, was burned to the ground, and a minimum of 35 homes in the area were destroyed as well.  Evacuation orders have been given for every point of the city from as far north as the US Air Force Academy to as far south as Garden of the Gods Road; and that runs to as far east as Interstate 25.  This fire has thankfully had no injuries or fatalities as yet, but I’m one to count my blessings.  News anchors that have been in the business for 20 years or more are calling this situation “as surreal as it gets.”  This is not far from the truth; as the smoke and ash are being seen and felt as far out as Yoder, Colorado, and the fire has been jumping from place to place as the winds kick up.  The prayer is that the fire stops before it goes too much further.  This fire has destroyed homes and businesses, and is spreading at present.